Winegrowers for generations since the eighties


Familiarity and professionalism come together in this firm. Wine growers for generations, sparkling wine makers since the 80’s, they have been able to grow larger without losing sight of their origins. The relationship with nature and its products has given them a wealth of knowledge accumulated through the years. These are characteristics which you can sense when you cross the threshold of this winery.

The simplicity and the freshness that you meet are the sensations that you get when you drink a glass of their wine. The wine making and oenological activity which started with passion by Angelo, has been continued with decision by his three sons: Mauro, oenologist, who is also in charge of relations with the Italian market, Paolo whose responsibility is for the care of the vineyards, and Gianni who runs the accounting and the contacts with foreign clients.



MAURO REBULI (in the middle)